The upcoming year should be a big one for rock and metal fans, as a number of big-name artists are planning to release new albums in 2012.

Rock behemoths like Metallica, Pearl Jam and Green Day are all said to be working on new albums that should be released over the next year, while other acts like Lacuna Coil, Shinedown and Lamb of God have all confirmed that new discs are on the way in 2012.

But perhaps one of the most anticipated releases of 2012 is the reunion album from none other than the original lineup of Black Sabbath. Metal fans everywhere are curious to see what Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and the rest of the Sabbath crew churn out.

In addition to Pearl Jam, grunge goliaths Soundgarden and Alice in Chains will likely be delivering new albums in 2012, while we can also expect new discs from '90s hitmakers Smashing Pumpkins and the Offspring.

Other acts readying new platters for 2012 include Slash, Ministry, Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage and more. Check out the current list of 2012 album releases below:

New Music Releases 2012:
January 17

Biohazard, 'Reborn in Defiance'

January 24

Lacuna Coil, 'Dark Adrenaline'
Lamb of God, 'Resolution'
Primal Fear, 'Unbreakable'

January 31

Azaghai, 'Nemesis'
Bleeding Through, 'The Great Fire'

February 28

Caliban, 'I Am Nemesis'

March 13

Soulfly, 'Enslaved'

March 23

Ministry, 'Relapse'


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Black Sabbath
Green Day
Killswitch Engage
The Offspring
Papa Roach
Pearl Jam
Shadows Fall
Smashing Pumpkins
Three Days Grace