Everyone needs an audience, and these aspiring guitarists more than wowed those in attendance with their mind-blowing skills during talent shows.

Not everyone just magically goes from picking up the guitar to headlining concert stages around the world, and in this Loud List we take a closer look at some of the amazing young players that melted the faces of all those in attendance with some blistering mastery of the fretboard.

And if you're looking to show a little flash, why not start with the greats? Some of these talent show competitors show their prowess playing classic cuts from Van Halen, Metallica and more.

You have to think there's even a brighter musical future for some of these upstart musicians, but for these special moments they're simply winning over the judges and the respect of the audience in the process. These guitarists might even inspire you to pick up an instrument yourself.

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Watch some truly impressive guitar talent below.

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We love Joe Satriani and Tony Iommi too, but let's hear it for some other guitarists for once!

Gallery Credit: Loudwire Staff

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