Deafheaven performed at both weekends of this year's massive Coachella Festival and now they are gearing up for some international dates in Australia and all over South America this summer. We caught up with frontman George Clarke who talked about the band’s latest release New Bermuda and their plans to continue touring on it. Check out our full interview below with George Clarke of Deafheaven below:

If you could be in any band, besides Deafheaven, on the Coachella lineup or potentially collaborate with them who would it be?

Let me think, there’s a lot. I think it would be really fun to collaborate with a band like Autolux. I think it would be really fun to play in a group like Major Lazer or something where you can just dance around and have fun. If we were to collaborate it would be with someone like Autolux or Bat for Lashes.

New Bermuda, what does this title mean to you personally?

The record’s about traveling somewhere new and having that expectation of starting over and finding yourself but you find yourself in the same situations as you were in before.  This idea of false promises or not really understanding how things would be, so yeah Bermuda is the place of destination and it’s supposed to be this paradise  yet you kind of end up being swallowed into the realities of life.

Deafheaven songs are lengthy. As a songwriter and performer what’s the mental state you go to not only when writing but playing onstage?

Yeah, for me personally it’s a bit easier I would say than for the rest of the players. I know our drummer [Daniel Tracy] works especially hard to keep up the tempo for such a long amount of time. I think I have one of the easier jobs in terms of song length. It doesn’t matter if a song is four minutes or 10 minutes but I do know that either way we do try to give a lot of intensity. The experience is very intense and tiring and exhausting, in a good way.

It’s been about a year since the release of New Bermuda. How have the fans been reacting?

It’s been great, I think the songs go over really well live and I think people are familiar with the record at this point enough to where they sing along or recognize songs and call them out. That’s all I can really ask for, for people to respond in a positive way and to give a little bit of energy that you’re putting out back.

What does the rest of 2016 have in store for Deafheaven?

Just a lot of touring. We'll announce additional tour plans soon and that will be for summer. Hopefully we’ll be picking up something in the fall as well and just going from there. We just want to focus on this record and play it for as many people as possible.

Our thanks to George Clarke of Deafheaven for the interview! Check out some of their upcoming tour dates here.


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