A metal cover of rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine's post-prison comeback single "Gooba" has already dropped, less than a week after the original version emerged. As performed by Tallah — the act featuring Mike Portnoy's son, Max, on drums — the 6ix9ine number becomes a frenzied blast of metal mayhem.

But that's not all. The metal rendition's accompanying music video features Tallah's lead vocalist, Justin Bonitz, mimicking 6ix9ine's moves from the rap song's video. That includes the metal frontman cribbing some of the artist's anguished facial expressions in addition to emulating Tekashi's unusual dance steps.

Check out Tallah's take on 6ix9ine's tune down toward the bottom of this post.

6ix9ine, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, was arrested in 2018 on racketeering, weapons and drug charges. Before being sentenced to a two-year prison stint in February 2019, he pled guilty to some of those charges. Last month, he was granted early release due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But the drama surrounding the rapper's trial mostly stemmed from his reported snitching on the stand. 6ix9ine has since incorporated the perceived betrayal as an informant into his persona. Earlier this year, Exodus and Slayer member Gary Holt called Tekashi a "rainbow brite asshole" and a "piece of shit."

As for Tallah, they'll have a video for their original song "Matriphagy" ready on June 5. The tune's from the band's forthcoming album, expected later in 2020. Last year, Tallah sat down with Loudwire for an illuminating interview. The year prior, Loudwire premiered the video for their song "Cottonmouth."

Tallah, "Gooba" (6ix9ine Metal Cover)

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