Jim Root is the possessed jester of Slipknot, shredding through the act’s brand of sick noise on guitar.

Root joined Slipknot back in 1999, right as the nine began to rise to prominence. To the surprise of some fans, Jim Root didn’t play on most of Slipknot’s self-titled album. Josh Brainard holds that distinction, though Root did contribute guitar work on “Purity” and “Me Inside.” Root really made his presence known on Iowa and beyond, throwing in guitar solos on fan favorites like “Sulfur” and “Psychosocial.” In this compilation, you’ll see some of Jim Root’s finest playing on those very songs.

As one could imagine, the masks Slipknot wear aren’t the most comfortable stage apparel, especially when you’re playing intense 90-minute sets surrounded by fire and pyro. In this Loud List, Root speaks about how much he hates his mask, but only in the few moments before he puts it on. After the mask is strapped on, he becomes one with the jester.

You’ll also see an interview with Jim Root from Slipknot’s 2011 performance at Rock in Rio. Jim details how special the show was while stating his only regret was that Paul Gray couldn’t be there.

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