This kid isn't even a year old, but he can already drum to the ultra-violent tunes of Pantera. On a tiny drum kit designed for his tiny body, little Wyatt channels Vinnie Paul for this brutal clip.

Wyatt doesn't mess around. The kid's kit may be made out of cans, pencils and plastic lids, but he still rocks two kick drums that read "Vulgar Display of Cuteness" -- not that we could argue.

The choice of track is '5 Minutes Alone' from Pantera's legendary 'Far Beyond Driven' album, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. Wyatt may or may not be getting a bit of help from his daddy, but the youngster nails Vinnie Paul's drum parts with surgical precision.

The coolest part of this clip is that Wyatt can't stop smiling throughout the minute-long video. While some little ones would instantly erupt into tears after hearing Pantera's aggression, Wyatt couldn't be happier.

Though Pantera classics have been transformed into lullabies by Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star, Wyatt doesn't need the watered-down tranquility -- he takes his Pantera straight up with no chaser.

Watch Wyatt decimate the drums to '5 Minutes Alone' in the video above!

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