If retro video games are your thing, then the new video for A Day to Remember’s ‘2nd Sucks’ is extra enjoyable.

‘2nd Sucks’ is the band’s new single off their latest album 'What Separates Me From You.' The very creative video is complete with old-school video-game graphics, not to mention the clip features Chris Kirkpatrick, a member of former boy band N*Sync.

Whether you were hooked on 'Mortal Kombat' or 'Street Fighter,' the entire video captures the best of video games, as the members of A Day to Remember go head to head against their haters in retro fighting game fashion. The attack moves in the fights even have epic names such as 'Blood Bash,' 'Shock N Raw,' 'Money Bag Attack,' 'Bada Belly,' 'Sonic Boom' and many others.

There are also high energy performance scenes of A Day to Remember and their passionately vigorous fans moshing and spiraling around.

To say the least, the video for ‘2nd Sucks’ doesn’t suck at all and it might even make you forget all about your Wii and break out your dusty Super Nintendo.

Check Out the Video for A Day to Remember's ‘2nd Sucks’