For a band that just a few years back put out an album titled Bad Vibrations, it's sounding like things are downright sunny in the A Day to Remember camp these days.

Singer Jeremy McKinnon spoke with NME and revealed that their forthcoming album has a happier vibe overall. “The mood in the camp is positive,” said the singer. “I think that shows in the songs too. It kind of feels like the happiest record that we’ve written in a minute – or ever. It's definitely the happiest record we wrote to date. That’s definitely exciting for me. The name of the game this time was collaboration. You know, getting in a room together, getting in a room with people who inspire us, seeing what comes out.”

When asked if there was any darkness in the album, the singer added, "There's hints of it everywhere, but I wouldn't say as a whole it's that. There are songs here and there that have those topics, those moods, but for the most part it's pretty positive."

Like many of their records, A Day to Remember will stretch their wings a bit as a band, giving listeners a variety of sounds. “On one of the songs we go even more in the hardcore direction and it's more influenced by real deal hardcore bands that are more modern,” says the singer. “We did one with Will Putney who’s an awesome, heavy producer. There's songs that have a more metal influence. There’s one that’s influenced by Tom Petty.”

Fans recently got their first taste of the new album with the single "Degenerates," and more should be coming soon. The vocalist hints that the forthcoming release should arrive by "the tail-end of this year." Watch the full interview with NME below.

Look for A Day to Remember back out on tour in September. Dates can be found here.

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