A Perfect Circle will release their highly anticipated Eat the Elephant album this Friday (April 20), but before the disc drops, we've got another song to sample. The latest offering is a curiously titled track called "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish" (that happens to be the fourth title in Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide the Galaxy series).

The song is one of the more upbeat tracks in APC's canon, letting the percussion drive the track with a steady build, accentuated by darker guitar parts and a more prominent string backing later in the song. To reveal the song, the band also issued a visual of what appears to be dolphins racing each other through the shimmery open waters.

“We all cope with the absurd in our own manner,” said Maynard James Keenan in reference to the new track. “The Italian side of me produces and shares wine with friends in order to feel grounded and connected in the midst of all the madness. But once the wine is gone, the drunk and sarcastic Irish side of me goes straight for the unreasonable jugular. #comedyfirstandalways”

The track, which follows on the heels of "The Doomed," "Disillusioned" and "TalkTalk," is currently available to stream and download in advance of the new album. The disc is also available to pre-order here. The band also worked in their new song this weekend during their Coachella set. And you can look for A Perfect Circle playing Jimmy Kimmel Live next Monday (April 23) following the album's release.

A Perfect Circle are in the midst of a West Coast run surrounding their Coachella dates, but will venture out to the rest of the country in May with a mix of headline shows and festival performances. They also have a European tour on the horizon for June. See all of their scheduled stops here.


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