The warmer weather is coming, but Abbath are sending icewinds from Norway to keep the summer months at bay the best they can. The new album from the crew led by former Immortal vocalist and guitarist, Abbath, will be out on July 5 and you can hear another new song, "Calm in Ire (Of Hurricane)" below.

The track opens the Outstrider album, setting the scene with a brooding, moody passage that builds in intensity until the riff storm strikes. Since Immortal released At the Heart of Winter, Abbath has demonstrated an ability to craft dark, menacing black metal cut with the episodic grandiosity of bands such as Manowar. "Calm in Ire (Of Hurricane)" is no different, even breaking the mold with expressive, bluesy soloing.

Outstrider will be released on Season of Mist. Head here to pre-order your copy of the album.

This record also features a brand new lineup of Ole Andre Farstad (guitar, Ilti Milta) Ukri Suviletho (drums, Suvilehto, Tuliterä, Vermivore) and Mia Wallace (bass, Triumph of Death, ex-The True Endless).

Abbath, "Calm in Ire (Of Hurricane)"

Abbath, Outstrider Artwork + Track Listing

Season of Mist
Season of Mist

1. "Calm in Ire (Of Hurricane)" (04:32)
2. "Bridge of Spasms" (03:49)
3. "The Artifex" (04:09)
4. "Harvest Pyre" (04:12)
5. "Land of Khem" (04:08)
6. "Outstrider" (05:39)
7. "Scythewinder" (04:17)
8. "Hecate" (04:25)
9. "Pace till Death" (Bathory cover) (03:41)

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