Think you have what it takes to be the face ov black metal? Abbath wants to put you to the test! The Norwegian group, led by its frontman, now has a Corpse Paint contest for fans to show off their skills.

The competition will run from today (June 21) until July 5. To participate, show off your best Corpse Paint in a photo on your social media profiles with the hashtag #Abbathfacepaint. The artistic winner will receive a bundle of merchandise, including the group's upcoming album Oustrider, a T-shirt and a jar of Abbath's brand of black and white Corpse Paint.

See a promotional video for the contest from Season of Mist below.

The internet is oversaturated with bland makeup tutorials anyway. It's about time black metal gets the makeup guru spotlight. It's already made its way into country music, so who says Sephora can't sell Corpse Paint as well?

Ostrider will be out July 5. Read our interview with Abbath about the new album here.

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