Last night we reported conflicting rumors concerning AC/DC's future -- one in which the band were close to announcing their retirement and another where they had booked studio time to start work on their next album. But it now appears as though the retirement rumors are gaining strength as further details backing up the story have been revealed.

According to Australian journalist Darryl Mason, founding guitarist Malcolm Young recently suffered a stroke that left a blood clot on his brain. Mason reports via his blog The Orstrahyun that when AC/DC reunited in April to being rehearsals, Young discovered that he was unable to play like he used to play.

Earlier this year, frontman Brian Johnson confirmed in an interview that recording on the band's new album had been delayed because one of the members had been seriously ill, but stated at the time that he felt that a new album and tour was still in the works.

The talk of the band booking studio time in Vancouver to work on a new album at the beginning of May could be legit, as they would have to schedule time in advance of recording. But it's also possible that things have changed since they initially booked the studio time.

Mason reports in his article that nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but he states that friends and family members have been openly discussing what happened to Young and feel that is why the guitarist couldn't keep working.

It has also been stated that the band has a pact to not replace any of their members, so continuing without the guitarist appears to be leading the band toward the retirement path. Mason also reports that the group is expected to make an announcement at an upcoming press conference.

Update: Choirboys frontman Mark Gable, a good friend of the members of AC/DC, has backed up claims of Malcolm's illness, telling ABC Radio, "Malcolm is sick. From what I understand, and it's even been confirmed in part by his son Ross, that it would appear Malcolm is unable to perform anymore. It's not just that he is unwell, it's that it is quite serious. It will constitute that he definitely won't be able to perform live. He will probably not be able to record."