AC/DC have been blasting your eardrums with hard-hitting rock since the Ford administration, and their music has aged like fine wine. Now, the iconic rockers have made their wine collection available in the United States for the first time.

AC/DC entered the spirit world, or should we say "the world of spirits," last year with the Australian rollout of their wine collection. Now the band is expanding the availability of the musically inspired wines, which include 'Back in Black' Shiraz, 'Highway to Hell' Cabernet Sauvignon, 'Thunderstruck' Chardonnay and 'Hells Bells' Sauvignon Blanc, from their native land to the United States.

"Traditionally all Winestate judging’s are run exactly the same as any typical wine review program," says Winestate company owner Peter Jackson of the AC/DC brand. "With over 10,000 wines judged every year, more than 60% of wines submitted are not recommended. The new AC/DC wine label is not only very clever marketing, it’s actually quite a very good wine!"

The wines will soon be available, via a deal brokered by Live Nation Merchandise, at a variety of national store chains, but are currently available for order at The line will also be expanded beyond the four current types, with the upcoming addition of 'You Shook Me All Night' Long Moscato.

Outside of the vineyard, AC/DC is looking to deliver some new music, as well, although the process may not begin right away. Vocalist Brian Johnson recently said that the members will sit down and begin discussing their next move at some point this year, which he says usually gets the process under way. Johnson also said that they would likely re-team with producer Brendan O'Brien for the record, saying "he was just exceptional on [2008 album] ‘Black Ice.’"