Last week we brought you the new commercial featuring an exhibit from the Los Angeles Zoo called the LAIR (Living Amphibians, Invertebrates, and Reptiles). The commercial stars the unlikely duo of golden gal Betty White and rock icon Slash, and now, several more video clips for the project have been revealed.

Slash and White, who have more in common than most people would think, originally met at an event the zoo held to honor Slash for his continued contributions to their wildlife center. White, a life-long animal rights activist, serves on the board of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association.

In the new clips White and Slash are checking out some of the “60 species of weird, rare and endangered amphibians, invertebrates and reptiles” that reside in the LAIR from turtles to snakes. As White and Slash talk about each exhibit, the snakes, turtles and other endangered creature features display their own cheeky inner dialogue on the screen, proving that they are quite the little comedians. For example, in one of the new clips the two are gazing upon a large python and  Slash says, “I wonder how often he sheds his skin?” To which the snake responds, “I wonder if he ever takes off that hat?”

Check out all the new clips below.

Slash and Betty White Promote the Los Angeles Zoo’s LAIR