Though no official announcement has come as yet, it appears as though Adema have parted ways with singer Marky Chavez and have a new unnamed singer in place for some big happenings for the band.

While not coming right out and stating a change has been made, the group updated their socials alluding to big things happening over the next few months. In their posting, which was signed by four members -- David DeRoo, Mike Ransom, Kris Kohls and Tim Fluckey -- with Chavez's name noticeably absent, they also had a silhouette photo of the five-member group. While Chavez name remains in the band's bio and "about" section of their Facebook page, his name is also absent from the actual "band members" section.

The band stated, "We can see the excitement and speculation in the comments regarding the new photo we posted, and yes, we have some really exciting news to announce very soon - and trust us, you will be stoked and super surprised in a great way."

Rumors circulated in the comments of the post that Ryan Shuck, who has played with Orgy, Julien-K and Dead by Sunrise, is the new vocalist, with some of the comments liked by both the band and by Shuck.

The group goes on to tease a North American tour this summer as part of a major package run, and that they are working on new music as well. "You will be hearing from us again soon," state the band members. See the posting in full below.

Adema had their biggest success in the early 2000s with Chavez handling vocals on their self-titled debut, Insomniac's Dream and Unstable albums. After leaving the band in 2004, he returned for two-year stint from 2009-2011 and again in 2017.

Stay tuned here to see when the band announces their tour dates.

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