Aimee Osbourne, the eldest daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, has a haunting new video for her brand new angst-ridden track "Shared Something With the Night."

Osbourne, who uses the moniker ARO (her initials) for her recordings, just released Jon Danovic-directed video for the song, which can be seen in the player below. The track itself blends a bit of electronic orchestral backing with a wall of distortion-filled guitar heaviness as Osbourne sings of a relationship that's weighing on her.

“The song is like a My Bloody Valentine lullaby for the romantically tormented that struggle to sleep at night,” says the singer told Rolling Stone. “I wrote it when I was living in New York and feeling pretty alone and lost. I hadn’t fully connected with who I really was and what that meant yet. Hung up on the outcome of someone else’s approval of me to determine my own self-worth. This weird little song was an outlet for a lot of uncomfortability at the time.”

As for the clip, it's dark and moody in nature, with Osbourne often shot in closeups and her bandmates donning masks in green and red hued rooms. You can watch the video below.

Osbourne co-wrote the track with Jack Dragonetti and it's featured on her upcoming album, Vacare Adamaré, which is expected to be released under the ARO name later this year. Osbourne says, “[Jack] had an idea to play the string sample we used backward,” she says. “As soon as I heard it, it was instant. I just immediately came up with the lyrics and melody. Writing is kind of like channeling for me, I never know what’s going to happen or what the track will sound like or what strange sound or sample or chord will resonate. It’s usually a very surprising, cathartic and fun experience.”

Osbourne issued her first song in 2015, but this marks her first new music in four years. The eldest daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne has kept a private life, previously refusing to participate in The Osbournes early 2000 reality series.

ARO, "Shared Something With the Night"

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