Aimee Osbourne, the eldest daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne who opted out of appearing in the family's hit reality show The Osbournes, has released a new song, "Against Mine," under the ARO moniker.

Anyone who is unfamiliar with Aimee's musical past, which dates back to 2015 with her debut single "Raining Gold," should be forewarned that you won't hear any earth-heaving riffs, arena drum beats or lyrics about devilry and debauchery that are all typical of her father's life's work.

It's actually quite the opposite — "Against Mine" is a chill, lo-fi electro-pop song about kissing.

The rise and fall in Aimee's voice borders on ethereal and has a calming effect with each line having a bit of an inhale/exhale quality. Musically, everything is quite lush and the video for the track is an ideal extension of these sounds as Aimee, outfitted in a flowing dress, floats and drifts in a pool of water.

"This video was very special to make. It was an absolute pleasure and honor to collaborate with some extraordinary, gifted and truly wonderful artists. It takes many peoples hard work, belief and passion in order to be able to create and give life to these visions and ideas with you all. This song will always have a special place in my [heart] too," she said on Facebook earlier this week.

Watch the video below.

"Against Mine" is the first ARO song to be released since the 2020's Vacare Adamaré, the debut album that came four years removed from the second single, "Cocaine Style."

ARO, "Against Mine" Music Video

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