Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter Aimee Osbourne has released a music video for her first song under the artist name ARO (pronounced arrow). Her debut single is called “Raining Gold” and in the four minute video we find Aimee in the midst of death and destruction, sitting at the counter of a burned out diner. Check out the clip above.

Aimee spoke to Rolling Stone about the tune, saying, "I wanted the song to touch on how overwhelming and isolating it feels to be constantly misunderstood and the importance of choosing to break free from that and just believing in yourself." She continued, "It's so valuable to always try and put yourself in someone else's shoes, I hope this song reminds people of that."

Aimee went on to say the visual matched the track’s theme, "The 'Raining Gold' video naturally took on one of the messages behind the song, which is you should never assume anything about someone or a situation just because it looks a certain way on the surface." She then delved deeper into the song’s meaning, adding, "It's also about coming to the realization that it's a choice to allow someone or something to control you. I've experienced that a lot, from both sides. I think most people have, yet it's one of the loneliest things in the world to feel.”

The 31-year-old singer is the big sister to Kelly and Jack. In the past, Aimee has shied away from the limelight. At 16, she chose not to participate in the family’s MTV reality show The Osbournes with her parents and siblings. Back in November, we reported that the family was going to film eight more episodes of the reality show. There's no word on whether Aimee will make an appearance this time.

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