We recently brought you Part 1 of Alesana's new video epic for "Comedy of Errors" and now we're bringing you the exclusive premiere of Part 2.

In the initial clip (seen below), we're taken inside the futuristic tale of world darkened by destruction. But a character named Annabel finds a way to go back in time in hopes of reversing the destruction caused by an elder. As we start the second portion of the video, the Annabel's return has caused some unexpected turns of events.

"Today is the day my inbox will stop being flooded with 'where is part two?!,'" says singer-guitarist Shawn Milke. "Director Justin Reich knocked this out of the park. It is always a pleasure to work with him and to watch his creative eye bring our characters to life was a wonderful experience. The video does a great job of answering questions while still leaving plenty of ambiguity as we get closer to the release of the full written story. May the emptiness continue to haunt you."

"Comedy of Errors" appears on the band's Confessions album. If you like what you hear, the album is currently available at this location.

Alesana, "Comedy of Errors" (Part 1)