Have you ever listened to Alice In Chains famous track “Man in the Box” and thought, "By golly, I wish there were more cats in this song?". Well sir or madam, you are in luck! The animator who brought you the Pantera-flavored Cooking Hostile series is at it again -- this time bringing some cute, animated kitties your way. From the first meow to the last, this animated cover from Kitties in Chains singing “Cat in the Box” should make you smile. Otherwise, you are one cold-hearted dog.

While watching the video above, your eyes may want to stay on the cats jamming out in the foreground, but make sure to check out the wall behind the performing felines. You’ll notice Kitties in Chains support bands like A Purrfect Circle, Nine Inch Tails, CatHairBall Corpse and more.

If you haven’t already watched the Cooking Hostile series from creator Joey Siler, make sure to check out episode one, episode two, episode three and episode four. In episode four, Pantera / Down legend Philip Anselmo actually teamed up with Siler to voice his own character.

The human version of Alice In Chains recently announced a 2015 summer tour. The group will start the 19-date trek on July 17 in Pala, Calif, and play through Aug. 16 with a gig at Musikfest in Bethlehem, Pa. Check out the full list of tour dates here.

You Think You Know Alice In Chains?