It's been nearly five months, but we've finally got another episode of metal's most brutal animated culinary series, 'Cooking Hostile,' and this fresh episode is by far the weirdest one to date. Yeah, the past three episode are a little out-of-the-box, but Episode Four of 'Cooking Hostile' is 'Adult Swim'-on-mushrooms weird.

Much like the first three episodes of the online series, metal meets cooking thanks to a bit of wordplay and some seriously talented animators. However, this latest clip is the first to actually feature Pantera / Down legend Philip Anselmo voicing his own character, along with a cartoon version of Ozzy Osbourne.

Before actually collaborating with creator Joey Siler, Anselmo gave 'Cooking Hostile' his seal of approval. “Whoever did it is f—ing hilarious,” raved Anselmo. “It’s fantastic and I give him two gigantic thumbs up because it is fuuuuuuny. I love it.”

Episode Four, titled 'The Dream,' delves into the sleeping mind of Anselmo, where the cooking competition show 'Slawtered' takes place. Participants in the tripped-out show include Chris Cornell, Buckethead, Chuck Billy and many others along with Osbourne and Anselmo.

Episode Four may be the best 'Cooking Hostile' creation yet, so check it out in the video above!