We've got an awesome full album stream to decimate your puny ear drums. Some of death metal's greatest modern musicians have assembled to form extreme metal band Alkaloid, and we've got the exclusive stream of the group's debut album, The Malkuth Grimoire, right here!

Alkaloid's lineup is like an all-star team of technical death metal masters. Fronting the act is vocalist / guitarist Morean (Dark Fortress, Noneuclid) while Christian Muenzner (Spawn of Possession, ex-Obscura, ex-Necrophagist) and Danny Tunker (Aborted, Ex-God Dethroned) also take on guitar duties. Alkaloid also features Linus Klausenitzer (Obscura, Noneuclid) on bass and Hannes Grossmann (Blotted Science, ex-Obscura, ex-Necrophagist) on drums.

Alkaloid raised the funds for The Malkuth Grimoire via Indiegogo. Thanks to hundreds of fans, the band was able to raise €19,119 ($20,231), crushing their original goal of €12,000.

So what is the product of all these elite musicians coming together? The band has an interesting explanation:

Alkaloids are a chemical compound produced by many plants and other organisms.
They are found in many psychoactive substances (psilocybin / LSD, cocaine, nicotine, caffeine, morphine, bufotenin, and many medical plants among others). The band sees the term Alkaloid as a symbol for the chemical agent that changes matter, or the perception of the physical universe and produces intense experiences of a multidimensional or exaggerated nature. The fact that they affect both mind and body gives them the allure of a magical formula, after which nothing is the same. The nature of "change happening“ is something very much presented in Alkaloid's music, lyrics and visual identity. Let it be one big permanent morphing!

Check out our exclusive stream of Alkaloid's The Malkuth Grimoire in the player below! The album comes out tomorrow (March 17), but you can pre-order it right now via Bandcamp. Also be sure to visit the band's official website and Facebook page.

Alkaloid, The Malkuth Grimoire

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