We've got an awesome new video to premiere from Colorado technical death metal act Allegaeon. From the band's 'Elements of the Infinite' album, which recently made our 20 Best Metal Albums of 2014 list, 'Threshold of Perception' documents Allegaeon taking a lovely trip to the beach.

It's always great to see a band that takes music extremely seriously break off and make something silly. The video begins in black-and-white, showing a depressed man shedding a few tears while strolling along the beach. He begins by wearing one of those cute animal beanies, but in a 'Jekyll and Hyde'-like transformation, the man trades his headgear for a crab costume, allowing the world to burst into technicolor.

"After doing a month long trek with Chimaira followed by another month long tour with Arsis, we found ourselves just north of Naples, Florida for 5 days," says vocalist Ezra Haynes. "I know, sounds horrible right? A beach pretty much within walking distance. Who wants that? Anyway, we figured we'd be somewhat productive and film a play through since we had so much time off before returning home. Well, It didn't really turn out that way. We thought to ourselves, 'Let's take one final blow at this Crabcore situation we have going on and just make a dumb video.' So, we parked our rears on a beach for a few hours and filmed anything that came to our heads. Now we have a floaty wearing shredding crabbing seagull having hip-hop hyping death metal video that promotes good oral hygiene. Enjoy!"

Besides poking fun at the deathcore genre's "crabcore" trend, our favorite part of 'Threshold of Perception' has to be drummer Brandon Park blasting away at his makeshift kit of beach buckets and even sand castles.

Check out our exclusive premiere of 'Threshold of Perception' above! To grab a copy of Allegaeon's 'Elements of the Infinite' album, click here.