If there's one good thing that's come out of the worldwide lockdown, it's collaborations between artists who finally had the time to work with each other. Evanescence's Amy Lee is featured on an upcoming Bring Me the Horizon song, and she told us that it helped pull her out of a moment where she felt "stuck."

In a new interview, Lee admitted she had been feeling frustrated prior to being approached with the song. She was busy in the studio often and felt she didn't have time to do any collaborations, but she couldn't resist the opportunity to be a part of the track after she heard it. It's the final number on Bring Me's upcoming album, and it's called "One Day the Only Butterflies Left Will Be in Your Chest as You March Towards Your Death."

"It's so good, I love it so much," Lee teased. "It just made me instantly really happy. I knew I had to just stop what I was doing and pour into it for a minute."

The process took a week for the Evanescence vocalist, and the experience was quite unique as Bring Me the Horizon are located in the U.K. She and Oli Sykes guided each other vocally over the phone as they discussed their idea for what they wanted it to sound like, and the time difference allowed for feedback to be traded fairly quickly.

"It was just a really fun escape from that little stuck moment that I was in, and it inspired me," the singer reflected. "It helped me feel, I don't know... beautiful. The song is beautiful."

"That song is always gonna have a special place in my heart because I felt like, in a moment as an artist when I was stuck, another artist came along and helped me," she concluded.

BMTH's new album Post Human: Survival Horror will be out Friday, Oct. 30, and also features collaborations with Babymetal, Yungblud and the Nova Twins. Pre-order it here.

Stay tuned for our full interview with Amy Lee, which is coming soon.

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