Not happy with the candidates running for President? Continually frustrated by the lack of progress made by government on issues that matter to you? Rocker Andrew W.K. has a solution -- throw your support to the Party Party.

The "Party Hard" rocker is dipping his toes in the political arena with the launch of The Party Party, a political party system that he hopes will transcend ideals of both the Republican and Democratic parties and clear the way to make some common ground in politics.

Andrew states, "This polarizing form of government has contributed to an adversarial mentality among voters and politicians. The binary 'Us versus Them,' 'Red versus Blue,' 'Right versus Left' mindset has been a perpetual distraction and distorted our shared quest to make tangible improvements to our country and ourselves. Constantly battling and blaming each other has hindered our ability to collectively and individually contribute towards the true destiny of the United States of America: the complete and total liberation of the human spirit."

He goes on to add, "Buried deep inside this mountain of overwhelming national anxieties, complex international dilemmas, and endlessly competing principals, there is a fundamental truth -- that we are all in this together. Many of us fail to realize that at our very core, we ultimately do share many of the same essential values. These values are what make us Americans and also make us human beings. And if we can celebrate these shared qualities first, and look to find the best in ourselves and each other, perhaps we'll find the path ahead to be slightly less treacherous. The world isn't being destroyed by 'Red or Blue,' 'Left or Right,' 'Us or Them' -- it's being destroyed by one side believing the other side is destroying the world. Perhaps right now we just need a little less politics and a lot more party."

At the Party Party website, the singer adds, "We must protect and respect each other, no matter how hard it feels. No matter how wrong someone else may seem to us, they are still human. No matter how bad someone may appear, they are truly no worse than us."

The rocker believes his all inclusive platform will appeal to many and he says he's filed all the relevant paperwork with the Secretary of State to officially launch the party. The only thing left needed was signatures, and a visit to the website reveals that they've already met their goal. However, you can still add you name to the list for additional information on future projects for the Party Party at this location.

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