Andrew W.K. is one of rock's most fun-loving dudes, and his new song, "Music Is Worth Living For" proved to be too much fun for one fan, who stomped on the gas pedal in the car when the song came on, resulting in a speeding ticket. Ever the righteous guy, Andrew W.K. took the blame for the ticket and offered to pay it on behalf of the fan.

Luke Mitchell tweeted that he was "casually" driving, but wound up with a speeding ticket after Andrew W.K.'s new jam came on. Still, he called the ordeal "totally worth it." At first, the rocker responded, stating the ticket was "the price of partying," later following it up when he hit Mitchell back with another reply that read, "I would like to pay this speeding ticket for you. I was responsible for the sonic party power that caused you to speed. I'll direct message you now to get your information. Please let me do this for you."

The Thames Valley Police even got in on the action, declaring their care for driver safety, stating, "You may 'Want fun' and to 'Party hard' but we want you to be safe. Drive safely dudes and party on (responsibly)."

The Twitter exchange can be viewed below.

The U.K. ticketing agency My Ticket later offered to send Mitchell to one of Andrew W.K.'s upcoming gigs. The speedy driver was appreciative of the offer, but said that Andrew W.K. has already hooked him up to see a show in return for asking that the musician donate the money for the ticket to "a far more worthy cause than myself."

Andrew W.K. is set to release You're Not Alone on March 2. The release marks his first new album since issuing 55 Cadillac and Gundam Rock two days apart in 2009.

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