The past year was a rough year for celebrity deaths, with an unusual amount of high profile actors and artists passing on. But rather than dwell on those we've lost, the Independent Spirit Awards decided to take a different approach, celebrating those who are still with us. Flipping the script on the traditional award show "In Memoriam" segment, hosts John Mulaney and Nick Kroll welcomed Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, played by a wigged Andy Samberg, to provide the tribute as he parodied the Pearl Jam song "Alive."

Sporting flannel and mimicking the mumbly delivery of the Vedder, Samberg began to change the words to fit the occasion. As photos of still alive director Milos Forman, young actress Hailee Steinfeld and actor/comedian Tim Allen scrolled across the screen, Samberg started to detour from the actual lyrics, at one point stating, "I'm Eddie Vedder and I love the Cubs. My voice sounds exactly like this," before realizing how far he strayed.

Spotlights were turned on Matt "Mattie D-Bones" Damon, Viggo Mortensen and Craig Robinson before the bit hit its comedic high point when Samberg's former Saturday Night Live cohort Fred Armisen "died" in the audience. Breaking from the song, Samberg took a moment to send a tweet to his social media followers about the loss, before continuing with the song as Armisen was taken Weekend at Bernie's-style from the venue. Watch it all play out in the Hollywood Reporter tweet below.

Oddly enough, an almost reverse situation happened Sunday night at the Oscars when the "In Memoriam" segment included a photo of a still-living producer. Jan Chapman's photo was shown during the montage next to the name of Janet Patterson, an Australian costume designer who actually had passed away.

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