Many congratulations are in order for each band nominated for Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance for the upcoming 55th annual Grammy Awards. Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Halestorm, Marilyn Manson and Lamb of God have been nominated, along with a rejuvenated Anthrax, who scored a nod for the song 'I'm Alive.' We were able to talk with Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante earlier today (Dec. 6) to gauge his reaction and get some insight into what the nomination means to him.

In our exclusive interview with Benante, the drummer spoke to us about his initial excitement in receiving the good news. "If you saw the look on my face last night when I found out, you'd probably understand," says Benante. "It was just complete shock. I wasn't even thinking about this; any sort of nomination for the Grammys. I thought, like I said, those days were kind of over. It was a really cool moment, but it was a lot of shock."

He continues, "I know people take the attitude of, 'Whatever. A Grammy; what does it mean?' But at the end of the day, you're recognized for your work. It's the same thing as an actor being recognized for his work and getting an Academy Award. This is a Grammy. I don't really take it lightly."

In an official statement released earlier today by Anthrax, Benante revealed what we was doing when he heard about the nomination. "I was watching the Dave Matthews Band perform when I received a text saying, 'Congrats on the Grammy nomination!'. "Huh? I had lost all hope of ever being nominated for another Grammy, but I guess I was wrong. We put so much hard work into 'Worship Music,' and I am so honored to be nominated with a group of bands that have also sustained the Test of Time like the legendary Maiden and Megadeth. Heavy Metal is a Force, it has fans that range from six to 66, and I'm so proud to be a part of this's in all of us."

Stay tuned for our full conversation with legendary Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante. The 55th annual Grammy Awards will air live on CBS on Feb. 10, 2013.