While a number of rockers have declared their political affiliations concerning the upcoming election, you won't see Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian making any such declarations.

Speaking with Radio.com, Ian stated, "I don't have a candidate. I don't subscribe to any political party. I think they're all full of crap. I think all politics is bulls--t. I don't subscribe to any of it. As a complete outsider, this is the worst, craziest circus I've ever seen in my life, and I thought it was bad last time."

In fact, the dearth of solid candidates has made Ian reconsider a past political figure by comparison. "I just had this conversation with someone the other day. People thought George W. Bush was… Whatever you wanna say about the guy… People thought, oh, maybe he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed or this or that. The guy looks like Albert Einstein compared to what's happening now. It's pretty crazy that one of those idiots has the opportunity to run for president. Is that really the best the Republican party can do?"

But before anyone feels that Ian's shot is one-sided, he adds, "I'm not anti-Republican. I'm not pro-Democrat. I'm anti all of it. They're all idiots -- all of them. Do any of these people look like a guy that should be running our country? Like, really? I don't mean look physically look… Like, these people have the capability…? It's, like, really? None of it seems very presidential to me at all."

Though Ian's not a fan of the current political candidates, Anthrax definitely have some things to say on their current album, For All Kings. The disc just arrived in stores and you can check out our review by clicking the red button below.

Anthrax Talk For All Kings Album

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