Anthrax have released their new 'Chile on Hell' Live DVD, which was recorded back on May 10, 2013 in Santiago, Chile. On Monday night (Sept. 15) in Los Angeles, guitarist Scott Ian and the DVD's producer Jay Rustin were on hand for a special screening of the film, followed by a Q&A session in honor of the release.

The live concert features the band performing songs from their entire catalog including ‘Among the Living,’ ‘I am the Law,’ ‘Indians,’ ‘Madhouse,’ ‘Caught in a Mosh,’ ‘I’m the Man,’ ‘Efilnikfusin (NFL)' and a great take on AC/DC’s ‘TNT.’ The film also shows the band honoring the late Ronnie James Dio and Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman, playing the inspired intro to ‘Reign in Blood.'

Interspersed throughout the concert film is footage of the band gearing up for the South American show, doing interviews and hanging with some notable artists including Philip Anselmo, Mike Portnoy and Zakk Wylde.

In the flick, guitarist Scott Ian opens up about the heavy metal scene today saying, “The metal scene is not getting bigger, it’s getting better.” He added, “It’s more intimate” and that new kids are discovering the music the way he did back in the day.

During the screening's Q&A session at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles, Ian and Rustin called the Santiago crowd ‘f---ing amazing.” Ian continued saying the audience members were so loud chanting and singing along that at times he couldn’t even hear his guitar as he was playing. Ian called the show “completely overwhelming” said that at one moment he became so emotional that he actually shed tears during the evening.

The crowd is very intense throughout the entire film and at one moment two fans actually light road flares in the crown during ‘Indians.’ Ian said that one “would assume that there’s a law about lighting flares in a sold out venue, but they don’t care.” During the show, the fans create one of the biggest circle pits that Ian has ever seen, comparing it to “one of the those traffic roundabouts in European cities where everything moves real slow.”

Ian and Jay Rustin also talked about the technical side of shooting a live concert in Chile. While the live audio was not an issue, the video from nine cameras had no time code and took weeks to synch up. Ian also joked that some of the Chilean cameramen were drinking and enjoying themselves a little too much during the show and would simply put the camera down from time to time. The band used two GoPro cameras, one attached to drummer Charlie Benante’s kit and the other took turns on Scott Ian’s guitar and Frank Bello’s bass. Benante’s GoPro stopped working halfway through the show and Ian joked that no one on the crew thought to fix it during the show. A trailer for the film can be seen above.

When asked about what new music he listens to, Ian joked that his friends call him ‘Grandpa Metal’ because the newest bands he listens to are Sepultura, Pantera and Slipknot. He did add that he really likes Rival Sons.

The guitarist also gave fans some insight into the next Anthrax album saying they have “16 songs arranged,” but not all of the have lyrics yet. They have been “super productive” and have had writing sessions in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. He added that they are planning to start recording at the end of the year.

Fans can order their ‘Chile on Hell’ Live DVD here.

Anthrax ‘Chile on Hell’ Live DVD Track Listing:

1. ‘Among the Living’
2. ‘Caught in a Mosh’
3. ‘I am the Law’
4. ‘Efilnikfuesin (NFL)’
5. ‘A Skeleton in the Closet’
6. ‘In the End’
7. ‘T.N.T.’
8. ‘I’m Alive’
9. ‘Indians’
10. ‘Medusa’
11. ‘In My World’
12. ‘Fight ‘Em 'Til You Can’t’
13. I’m the Man’
14. Madhouse’
15. ‘Antisocial’