The shootings in Colorado this past week have stirred up a lot of emotions, and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian is among those who has an opinion based not only on this one event, but certainly enhanced by it.

Ian feels that steps should be taken to expand gun control so that firearms don't end up in the hands of people not responsible enough to own one. He expressed his feelings in a series of tweets via his Twitter account.

The guitarist explained, "To those asking, I am a gun enthusiast that has a big problem with how easy it is for people that have no business owning a gun to get one. The old argument of 'if guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns' means nothing. The 'outlaws' get their guns illegally and use them to perpetrate crimes that get them paid, they don't go shooting innocent people in movie theaters. There's no money in that."

He added, "Inhuman maniacs get their guns legally and plan their murders to the letter. That is what I have a problem with. So to all my fellow gun enthusiasts, I don't want your guns, I don't want guns in the hands of people not responsible enough to own one. How do we make that work? I have no idea. Have a nice Sunday with someone you love and hope that what happened in Aurora never happens again."

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