Lemmy Kilmister has been gone for two months, but the stories about the legend continue to pour out from musicians everywhere. Lem befriended many and left a lasting impact on the heavy music scene with 22 Motorhead albums, but those albums could have been different had Anvil's mainman Steve 'Lips' Kudlow accepted the opportunity to finish a tour with the band after the departure of 'Fast' Eddie Clarke. While Anvil have documented their struggles, Lips insists he's fine with how it all worked out.

When asked about the situation, Lips detailed the history of the two bands together to Iron City Rocks, stating Anvil's first ever show was opening for Motorhead in 1981 when Anvil's Hard 'n' Heavy album was released. "We hit it off really well and Lemmy was impressed with me and we kind of hit it off as people too," Lips began explaining.

Two years later he received a call from Motorhead's management who wanted to tap the guitarist to play the rest of the tour after Clarke left. Stating he was under contract and recording the Forged in Fire record, he said, "I couldn't be in two places at once. It wasn't really possible. I don't regret the decision and at the end of the day — Lemmy really respected the fact that I stuck to my guns, which was his main philosophy. He just thought, 'You'd fit in with me no problem, because we're from the same tree, the same branch.'"

Anvil just released their 16th album, Anvil is Anvil on Feb. 26 and are out on the road in Europe supporting Dirkschneider, which is the moniker singer Udo Dirkschneider will be touring under as he tours one last time performing material from his days in the German powerhouse Accept.

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