Update: After reports started to spread of the potential new single release, Trent Reznor offered a two-word response via Twitter: "Not True."

The fall is starting to shape up quite nicely with a number of major releases, but could a new disc from Nine Inch Nails be among them? The Internet is abuzz after a new photo appears to reveal a new title for a Nine Inch Nails single that's allegedly on the schedule for a September release.

The image, seen below, states that a song called "Dive and Slam" will be arriving on Sept. 16 via Columbia Records. While not much is known about the track, the song does reportedly clock in at 4:35.

In addition, a Reddit thread has attempted to uncover the legitimacy of the photo posting, with one entrant stating that they work in the music industry, and while they don't have the song, it's on their "to be released" list. Another poster reveals that the song is registered in the Trent Reznor Ace Repertory. Follow the thread at this location.

Back in late December 2015, Reznor tweeted, "New NIN coming in 2016. Other stuff too." Up until now, not much had been heard from Reznor on the new music front, but if the posting proves to be true, it would mean that Nine Inch Nails are getting in within the 2016 time frame that the musician promised.

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