The Arizona State Lottery has announced that it will be releasing a special lotto ticket featuring Alice Cooper. The "Alice Cooper Scratchers" tickets will be available beginning on Aug. 7 and run through Halloween with six top prizes of $50,000 each. There will also be second-chance prizes featuring the shock rocker's memorabilia, VIP tickets and pre-show party access to Cooper’s annual Christmas Pudding concert.

"If you would've told me that in 1972, 73, when they were literally burning my albums on television and I was the scourge of rock and roll and whatever you do, don’t let your kids go to see Alice Cooper ... I was the worst thing that could happen. It was my fault, Vietnam, [laughs] the whole thing. And now, it's like you're sort of the Arizona representative,” Cooper says to AZ Central in an interview which can be viewed below.

The singer, who was born in Detroit, Mich., moved to Arizona as a child and lives there to this day.

"I used to say you know you’ve made it, if you’re a joke from Bob Hope on the Christmas Special - and I was - if you were an answer on Jeopardy; that means you're general, that means everybody knows who you are," Cooper says . "Or if you're a PEZ dispenser - because PEZ dispensers put you up there with Captain Hook and Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. I mean, that's a big deal to be on a PEZ dispenser. And now ... being on a Lotto ticket.”

Part of the proceeds from the lottery ticket sales will go to Cooper's Solid Rock Foundation, which he started in 1995 with his wife Sheryl. The goal of the foundation, which has a teen center in Scottsdale, Ariz., is to help meet the spiritual, economical, physical and social needs of teenagers in the community.

"Solid Rock's been here for five years, it's about 30 or 40,000 square feet where any teenager can come in and learn any instrument; guitar, bass, drums - free - everything's free," Cooper tells the Arizona Lottery in an interview posted to their official Facebook page. "Art class, dance, recording studio -- everything. The idea is to come in and find your talent and then let us help you excel in that; something you don't get in school anymore, the fine arts. Put your band together here, learn your instrument, write songs, record the songs - it's nothing but fun. We thank the lottery for being involved with us - it's great."

Cooper's tour in support of his latest album, Paranormal, starts back up again Aug. 3 in Milwaukee, Wis., with dates running through October. The full list of shows can be found at this location.

Arizona Lottery
Arizona Lottery

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