Exploring his passions beyond the scope of music, Godsmack’s Sully Erna recently made his lead acting debut in the movie ‘Army of the Damned.’ The official trailer for the action meets horror flick has just been revealed and can be seen above.

The premise of ‘Army of the Damned’ revolves around a crew of local cops who are part of a hit reality TV show. They get called out to a domestic disturbance and that’s where things take a turn for the unexpected. Erna plays the role of one of the police officers, set in a small town in New England.

"This is my first lead in a movie and it's cool,” Erna told Dread Central back in May. “It's an action/horror and there's some good sarcastic New England humor in it. They put me together with three other cops that play beside me. Everyone has such a different personality and it's really, really cool how we play off each other.”

Erna talked about the character he portrayed, sharing,”Bridge, who I play, is a lot more serious and intense and takes things a lot more seriously. He's watching over the town his father used to be sheriff in. And then we've got two other knuckleheads that just come in and never take anything seriously because nothing ever happens in their town. The dynamics are really great."

Army of the Damned’ offers up a very eclectic cast alongside Erna ncluding Tony Todd of ‘Candyman’ fame, Michael Berryman, Joey Fatone from boy band N Sync and porn star Jasmin St. Claire.

‘Army of the Damned’ is scheduled to be released on DVD on Jan. 14 but will premiere as an early video-on-demand option on Dec. 3.