The Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen has signed on to answer fan questions exclusively for Loudwire. Each week, she'll reply to queries about the band and herself, as well as her views on world topics, everyday life and more. Check out her latest answers in the newest edition of 'Ask Taylor' below:

Hi Tay! I wonder if you've thought about writing a book? If so, what would the theme be? (Jaqueline alves @j_laq)

I have several ideas for a children's book and I'm currently working on an autobiography.

Hello Taylor! Besides the guitar, would you like to learn to play another instrument? If so, which one? (Bruna @HelloMomsen)

Drums. I love drummers

Hi Taylor! I am obsessed with you guys! Have you ever thought about doing an acoustic album or live album? (Marcell du Rand)

Yes, in fact we have something in the works right now.

How do you feel when you see all The Pretty Reckless artwork created by fans? (Natasha)

Overwhelmed and flattered. There's some amazing artists out there.

What is the significance of the band's arrow cross symbol? (Brenton Dow)

It's pretty much just a simple visual statement of the album title. The arrow is pointing down and the cross is for the religious significance.

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