Asking Alexandria bassist Sam Bettley was recently involved in a serious moving truck accident. While all of his belongings have been destroyed, he says he is "lucky to be alive." He broke the news on his Instagram page, uploading two photos showing the damage to the truck and an IV in his arm, ready to draw blood.

The picture below shows Bettley's possessions scattered in the street alongside the the truck which has incurred some major damage. The bassist lost control of the truck after a tire blew out, causing a rollover for which the aftermath can be seen by the shattered and crunched windshield and dismantling of the vehicle's front end. He says he "walked away without a scratch" and considers himself to be "grateful." Under the image of the truck shows the IV in the four-stringer's forearm as he jokes "Yeah mate that's fine.. Take as much as you want..."

With a new album out next week, Asking Alexandria have been surrounded with hype for the March 25 release of The Black. The record will feature the debut of new singer Denis Stoff, replacing Danny Worsnop who has been largely maligned by his former bandmates. With songs like "Let it Sleep," "Here I Am,"  "The Black," "Undivided" and "I Won't Give In" already out, fans have been feverishly anticipating the fourth album from Asking Alexandria.

They'll be out on the road supporting fellow Brits Bullet for My Valentine on the second North American leg of the "British Invasion" tour. The trek, bookended by festival appearances, will begin on April 30 at Welcome to Rockville in Jacksonville, Fla. and finish up at the River City Rockfest on May 29 in San Antonio, Texas. For a full list of dates click here.

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