The last two years have been a bit chaotic for Asking Alexandria. Danny Worsnop left the band in 2015 to focus on his other projects and was replaced by Denis Stoff. After internal problems between the new singer and the band mounted, Stoff was ousted and Worsnop returned in October of last year, having mended fences with guitarist Ben Bruce and his other Asking Alexandria bandmates. With a new album arriving later this year, fans can get the first taste of what the band sounds like with Wornsop back at the vocal helm with the music video for the newly released track "Into the Fire."

At first, effects bury the drum beat and guitar lick as they're presented at low volume and the song kicks literally into full gear as Wornsop throttles his sports car in the black and white Sin City-esque video. Synthesized "whoa-oh" effects dominate the mix with punchy, downtuned rhythms and forceful drumming accented the moment. As the song progresses, Wornsop mostly showcases his clean singing, ranging from timid and emotional to empowered and soaring. Asking Alexandria still bring their signature heaviness on "Into the Fire," going for a quick, slugging breakdown over the bridge.

“This is an incredibly exciting period in Asking Alexandria’s career. We have been through hell and back again,” comments Bruce. “It’s been an insanely long road but we couldn’t be more excited that it has brought us to where we are now. We have been given a new lease on life. As individuals, this is the happiest we have been in a very long time.”

The band has stated that their new album will arrive on Dec. 15, but have yet to announce any other details regarding the release. For now, a digital download of "Into the Fire" is available through iTunes and Amazon and comes with an additional track, a radio edit of the single, which shaves nearly 30 seconds off the original version.

Asking Alexandria's last album, The Black, was released in the Spring of 2016 and was the only album of the band's career to feature the aforementioned Stoff. This new album, out Dec. 15 through Sumerian Records, will mark the first with Worsnop up front since 2013's From Death to Destiny.

“I have had so much fun writing an album I never thought I’d make with people I never thought I’d make one with again. It’s out of the box, out of my comfort zone, out of the ordinary, and out of this world. This is something totally new and unique that I cannot wait for the world to hear. This album has me proud, humbled, reassured and affirmed. Welcome to a new era, and a new sound which I’m sure in two years will be ripped off by far too many artists (there’s a song about that on here too)," Worsnop wrote on his Facebook page in June.

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