Asking Alexandria will be releasing the fourth album, The Black later this week (March 25) on Sumerian Records. It will be the first to feature new singer Denis Stoff after the departure of Danny Worsnop and has seemed to breathe new life into the band on the creative front. With five songs off The Black already out for consumption, "Send Me Home" is the latest track to be released off the forthcoming record, further showcasing the band's diversity.

A gentle guitar melody and heavily echoed "Whoa-oh-ohh" chants open the song as it effortlessly shifts into a bass-driven verse. Stoff utilizes a soft, almost ethereal clean vocal tone and the chants enter the frame again bridging the gap between the verse and chorus. Anthemic and explosive, the refrain hits on triumphant chord progressions and an emphatic vocal delivery. Toying with the intensity, the song delves back into the moody verse. Building off the second chorus is a chugging rhythm and heavily accented by the kick drums, trading off with a guitar lead.

Speaking about the rejuvenated spirit as they welcomed Stoff into the band, guitarist Ben Bruce told us, "It made us all fall back in love with this band again and fall back in love with writing music and playing music together. So, you know, when we go into the studio to record the album we were already super stoked on it. We were like having the best time of our lives essentially and it was just all around just good vibes, good energy, good time and we just felt like we were kids again, you know. It was just a lot of fun."

Look for Asking Alexandria on the road supporting Bullet for My Valentine on the second North American leg of the "British Invasion" tour starting April 30. For a full list of dates, click here.

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