As we've seen, Danny Worsnop is not afraid to paint outside the lines with music, and the Asking Alexandria frontman and his group have joined EDM acts Slander and Crankdat to partner up on a new song titled "Kneel Before Me." Take a listen in the player above.

"We've teamed up with @SlanderOfficial and @crankdat to take trance/EDM and metal/rock genres to a whole new level. This is heavy, ballsy and unapologetically in your fucking face! These two worlds have just collided like never before. Enjoy! #KNEELBEFOREME," stated Asking Alexandria in a tweet announcing the new track.

Meanwhile, Slander told, "In high school indie rock and hardcore music were some of the first sounds we ever dove into as teenagers. Bands like Avenge Sevenfold, Underoath, Taking Back Sunday and Asking Alexandria, could be heard blaring from our car speakers in our respective high school parking lots. This kind of music is in our core and is where a lot of our other tastes developed from, so if you can imagine we where thrilled when Asking Alexandria agreed to be a part of our new song with Crankdat! Our goal with this song was to make our own rendition of hardcore music with dubstep at its core, essentially bringing our musical roots into 2018! Hope you guys dig it!"

If you dig what you hear, the song is available in the platform of your choosing at this location.

Asking Alexandria also have an album of their own to promote. Their self-titled release came out late last year and the band will continue their touring support with a North American tour leg kicking off in late September. See their tour schedule here. The Asking Alexandria album was the first since Worsnop's return to the band.

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