Asking Alexandria have released the third video from their latest album, 'From Death to Destiny.' Like their last several videos, 'Killing You' was directed by Frankie Nasso.

The clip for 'Killing You' is very cinematic and provocative. It begins with a quote about the importance of family from Princess Diana and follows a young woman's night out that features some unusual people and doesn't end well. The video is formatted like a TV show or movie, with opening and closing credits.

'From Death to Destiny' was released earlier this year, and in our interview with guitarist Ben Bruce, he talked about the songwriting process for the album. "I’m the primary songwriter," Bruce explained. "I write the music and then I take it to James (Cassells, drums) and he fiddles with parts. Then we’ll take it to Danny (Worsnop, vocals). So in that aspect it was very similar. The difference is this time it took us well over a year to write this record, because we didn’t just want to be regurgitating from our last two releases."

"We wanted it to be something fresh while still sounding like Asking Alexandria, which was quite a challenge," Bruce explained. "People always say, ‘I wish you sounded like your first album.’ But we’d be horrible playing that and you’d be bored listening to it over and over again. There’s a fine line of keeping your sound, but progressing as well to be happy and confident with the record as a musician."

Asking Alexandria are currently in the midst of a headlining tour with Sevendust, All That Remains, For Today and Emmure that wraps up Nov. 22 in San Diego.

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