Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsop talks all about his former drug and alcohol addiction, sobriety and the rollercoaster ride of a year he’s had in a new interview with Noisecreep. The band has had a jam-packed year with its latest album ‘Reckless & Relentless,’ as well as numerous tours such a co-headlining trek with Hollywood Undead and being part of the Buried Alive jaunt with Avenged Sevenfold.

"This last year we all witnessed my demise -- my plummet -- my fall -- and my rebirth," Worsnop tells Noisecreep. "After what was a couple years of dangerous drinking and drug use, I hit rock bottom. It was a long recovery process but we are all in a better place now that I'm completely sober. So now no drink or drugs - none. It's been an interesting lifestyle change -- yeah, I'll use the word "interesting"

He adds, "My voice has skyrocketed! I'm able to do things I could never do before. I come off stage now and I'm ready to go another hour right then. It's amazing. Such a good thing to have extra energy and more control so that I can hit every single note every night."

Worsnop goes on to describe 2011 as "so crazy. Such a wild year for us. Been almost bankrupt, finally pulled ourselves out of debt, spent a year of getting or finances back together - insane s--t. But now things are better than ever -- financially, professionally -- this year made us stronger and also I will no longer be blowing all my money on drugs!"

As for the holidays, Worsnop says his parents are flying in from England to California in order to see him. "We haven't spoken for so long so this is big deal ... We never really got along as I have severe authority issues. Since we stopped speaking I've been trying to get that relationship back to what humans have, or are maybe supposed to have."

When asked if he’s nervous about the reunion, the very charming Worsnop replies ,"Nah. I don't get nervous about anything. I never have. It's that thing in my brain that doesn't give a f---. That's half my charm and half why I am here -- my stubbornness and sense of never getting scared. People always freak out -- what if something goes wrong? Me? I don't give a f---. I mean, things have to go wrong sometimes or life would get boring. We learn from our mistakes, right?"

Next year Asking Alexandria is set to go on the road for a U.K. tour with blessthefall. For more on Dannyt Worsnop check out Loudwire’s recent interview with the singer.