With Hollywood on high alert over sexual misconduct, more and more names continue to surface, including that of actor Danny Masterson who was accused of rape by four women earlier this month. The Masterson case has ties to the rock world, as At the Drive In's Cedric Bixler-Zavala has revealed that one of the women the actor allegedly assaulted was his wife, Chrissie Carnell-Bixler.

While responding to a tweet of a Daily Beast article about Masterson's rape accusations, Bixler-Zavala rolled out a series of tweets alleging a cover up by the Church of Scientology, stating that his wife first pressed charges last year against the actor. In his string of messages, Bixler-Zavala reveals an alleged pattern of harassment since the charges were filed, including phone and computer tapping, private investigators looking into them and assorted thugs meant to intimidate them.

The singer adds that all his wife ever wanted was an apology, but received a letter that "would make your skin crawl." Bixler-Zavala alleges that media outlets have been silenced over the case and that he received a cease-and-desist letter from Masterson's lawyer because his tweets were too suggestive even though he never named the actor. Bixler-Zavala suggests fans check out the "nonsensical" lyrics to the band's last album. There's a passage in "Incurably Innocent" that seems to allude to the incident.

After his initial series of tweets, the singer posted a couple of more items related to the case, first stating that he expected to receive another warning letter and another tweet calling out singer/actress Juliette Lewis in Lewis' tweet to Rose McGowan, asking where her support was for his wife.

We reached out to representatives from both At The Drive In and Danny Masterson and received a no comment from At the Drive In's camp and no statement from Masterson's camp.

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