At the Drive-In are ramping up to a new album and we've got a brand new song and a rather cool artistic new video to share with you today. The track is called "Hostage Stamps" and the band teamed up with directors Rob Shaw and Damon Locks for a powerful new clip.

The video centers on a faceless overlord who has a man held captive in a darkly lit prison, utilizing a giant robotic hand to interact with the man and study his behaviors in both negative and positive tasks. There is a bit of the man complying with his ruler, but quietly he is setting up his plan of attack and final defiant act.

Singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala describes the song as “like walking through the hallway in some war-torn ghetto and reading the writing on the wall. When you hear things like, ‘Raise your nithing pole,’ I don’t think anyone will know what that is right away, but when you look it up, it’s this curse. We are going to be victorious. Here’s the f--king head on the stake in front of our army. We’re coming back. It’s reading the writing on the wall. It’s going and keeping your ear to the ground and listening to the heartbeat of young people.”

For the video itself, Shaw and Locks designed the characters and the set pieces, while using a mix of stop-motion and digital animation to create the unique look in the video. Watch the explosive new clip in the player provided above.

"Hostage Stamps" is the latest song to come from At the Drive-In's forthcoming album in • ter a • li • a, which will be released May 5 via Rise Records. You can pre-order the disc via Amazon and iTunes. And if you want to see At the Drive-In live, the raucous outfit will kick off a North American tour on May 6 in their hometown of El Paso, Texas, at the County Coliseum. All dates and ticketing info can be found here.

At the Drive-In, "Hostage Stamps" Artwork

Rise Records
Rise Records

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