Atala's desert-faring Shaman's Path of the Serpent was one of 2016's premiere stoner records and less than 12 months later they've returned with Labyrinth of Ashmedai. The band has partnered with Loudwire to bring you "Death's Dark Tomb," their newest consciousness altering track.

If you've got to boil some water, start it now and then hit play, kick back and let yourself seep into the Atala's mirage-summoning stoner sludge for the next eight-and-a-half minutes. Fans of Neurosis, The Melvins and Baroness will instantly latch on as "Death's Dark Tomb" moves from hazy, suspended riffs to undulating waves of paranoia over the song's back half.

“‘Death's Dark Tomb’ is one of the last tracks we put together for the album. While writing it, I was really trying bring the concept of the album together," began guitarist / vocalist Kyle Stratton. "While studying this demon Ashmedai that I was basing the concept on, I had read a fable of the 'Pact Primeval.' In this story it is said he deceived all the angels in heaven and God himself into forming Hell. He was supposed to rehabilitate souls. Instead, he tortured them and enslaved them forming the 72 legions of Hell. This song was written from the perspective of the trapped souls."

Commenting on the instrumental aspect of the track, Stratton continues, "Musically, this song includes my favorite guitar solo on the album, a really cool tribal drum part and a rad noise guitar feedback ending our producer, Billy Anderson, came up with. Definitely one of the most fun tracks to perform live.”

Pre-orders for Labyrinth of Ashmedai, out Jan. 26 on Salt of the Earth Records, can be placed here. To keep up with everything Atala are doing, follow the band on Facebook.

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