Avatar frontman Johannes Eckerstrom has shared his intent with fans to deactivate his X (formerly Twitter) account over the next day, but he's not leaving without having his say first on the current state of the social media platform.

Eckerstrom, who joined Twitter in 2013 per his current account, shared his disdain for the social media platform, while revealing he plans to keep his other social media presence active. In his exiting statement, he shared his disappointment in his overall experience using X from what it once was when he started.

"I am shutting down this account in 24 hours," explained the vocalist. "All social media is pretty dumb, but this has gotten so ridiculous to a degree where it feels immoral to stay on. For now, I am still on Instagram (@Johannes_Avatar there too), and I may join something else further down the road. For now though, anything you see outside of Instagram is fake."

Getting into why he's leaving, Eckerstrom noted, "This cesspool of a page refused to deal with a blatant fake profile pretending to be me. The algorithm seems solely aimed to brainwash people into hatred and ignorance."

"My main reason to be here has always been to promote band stuff, podcasts, and my Cameo account. I have come to feel that this platform has turned near useless for any of those things. Any sense of fun beyond these functions is drowned in a sea of bots, conspiracy theorists, and flat-out fascism," he continued. "It is a bad service. On top of that, it's boring."

Finishing out his rant, Eckerstrom concluded, "So fuck Twitter, fuck X, and fuck Elon with his emerald money, and stupid fucking notion that the world will be saved by us buying his ugly ass toys."

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A look at Eckerstrom's X account shows a fan making the singer aware of a fake account as of last week (Sept. 25). The singer responded to the fan, "That's not me. Report, block, and publicly shame, please, and thank you."

While the Avatar singer is leaving X, his band does have dates to promote (which he can presumably do via his other accounts). The group will be playing in Edmonton tonight (Oct. 2) at Midway, with dates booked Dec. 2 in Wheeling, West Virginia. After the holidays, the band will start a European trek on Jan. 26 carrying over to March 28. See all of their tour dates listed here.

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