Step into an Avatar live show for a few gloriously loud and riff-filled minutes by watching this rowdy performance video of the band. Frontman Johannes Eckerström rocks some killer, creepy face paint that looks like something out of the famed graphic novel 'V for Vendetta,' with a little 'A Clockwork Orange' thrown in for good measure. He cuts a striking and unforgettable figure on stage, that's for sure.

Avatar are known for their unbelievable live shows and this video for 'Let It Burn,' which Loudwire is thrilled to exclusively premiere, offers a keyhole view of what the experience is like. The clip pulls up the curtain for just enough time to let you witness the band's onstage prowess for yourself.

Thanks to the lights, billowing smoke and thunderous riffing, it feels like a concert erupting on your screen, courtesy of Avatar, who are Swedish masters of melodic and metallic mayhem. It's powerful enough to make a fan out of you, if you are making Avatar's acquaintance for the first time ever courtesy of this footage.

'Let It Burn' appears on the band's latest album 'Black Waltz.'

Are you feeling the burn, Loudwire readers?

Watch Avatar Perform 'Let It Burn'