Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows has announced to fans on the X social media platform that he's exiting what was once known as Twitter. He issued a multi-tweet exit statement in which he revealed why he's decided to depart.

Why Is M. Shadows Leaving Twitter?

The Avenged Sevenfold vocalist was a rather late addition to the Twitter platform, first signing on in September of 2021. In his exit statement he reveals his reasoning for initially joining and also commented on why he's now leaving.

"Twitter - I'm saying goodbye (kinda)," starts the singer, explaining, "I was gonna write out something to explain why I don't find this platform useful anymore but the reality is even that is a waste of time and who really cares?"

He adds, "In 2021 I was invited to do a 'twitter space' about NFT's which resulted in me having to sign up for my first social media experience. Reluctantly, I stayed on. Here, I created relationships with many people I never would have met. So for that I'm grateful."

"It was great for launching Deathbats Club and all of our other endeavors around Avenged Sevenfold," continues the vocalist. "I'm neither bummed nor mad about this app in general... it just simply doesn't interest me at this point."

Shadows promises, "I will continue to post about nerdy things that actually make me excited to get out of bed. It will not get much reach because this is how the app works. These things include the bleeding edge of technology, VR, blockchain, music communities and an occasional song."

But as far as his social media future, he notes, "I'll be in and out of discord hangin w people there when I can. Just know every day we are building new ways that are meaningful to connect. This just isn't one of them."

M. Shadows' Twitter Experience Revisited

As the Avenged Sevenfold frontman mentioned in his statement, he waited until 2021 to have his first social media experience. Once on board, the singer utilized the platform, not only gaining 83.9 thousand followers, but in turn following the accounts of 1,438 people or entities.

He's used the platform to talk up Avenged Sevenfold-related music and other promotions, but has also shared his love of other artists (Megadeth and Radiohead over the last few months) and offer a few memes, even ones that take a shot at his own band. And, as he stated, he initially came on board to discuss NFTs and he's been an informative voice through the platform over the course of his time on X / Twitter.

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Where You Can Find M. Shadows Online?

As he stated, he'll be "in and out" of the band's Discord. You can sign up now or continue to follow if you're already a member.

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