If you're having trouble sleeping, you'll appreciate this new song from Awaken the Empire. The upstart rockers have just unleashed the lyric video for 'Insomniacs Unite,' which we're exclusively premiering on Loudwire (watch above).

And much like the title suggests, it's anything but a drowsy affair. The track itself is driven by the pulse-pushing guitar work of Shivan Somaratne and Damien Lawson and the beats of drummer Daryl Falconer with an assist from bassist Romina Fronti. Meanwhile, frontman Lawson belts away with the idea that if you're having trouble sleeping, you're not alone.

As for the clip itself, the visual is quite striking as it mirrors the patterns of waves caused when large objects suddenly drop into water. Explosion after explosion follows, showing you the tumult and upset caused by the lack of rest.

Awaken the Empire are currently working on their next album and will release it this spring via Another Century Records. Keep an ear out for more from Awaken the Empire in the new year.