A new era of AC/DC will officially be etched into history following tomorrow's performance (May 7) in Portugal. The show will be the first with Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose standing in as Brian Johnson's replacement. What remains unknown is what will come of the band when their 2016 European and U.S. tours conclude, but in a new interview Axl has made his stance known.

"I think after that, it's about what they wanna do," Rose conceded in an interview with BBC 6 Music (audio below). "I'm in if they want me in, and we'll sort it out, but right now that's getting ahead of ourselves with everything else that's on the table." Of course, the singer has yet to be tested on the AC/DC proving grounds onstage before a decision can be made about the future.

When speaking with NME, Axl discussed what it was like learning the AC/DC set. “Little by little," he said about the process, adding, "There’s a lot of them that you didn’t realize that you somewhat instinctively know and then just every rehearsal — there’s been about 20 rehearsals, something like that. So that way, if I really screw up, they can really blame me for that, because I did have good rehearsals.”

In addition to rehearsals, the frontman revealed he's done more beyond just singing. When asked if there's many differences between a GN'R show and an AC/DC show, Rose said, “There’s differences, but at the same time no, because I’ve been around these guys now for about a month, meeting everyone in the crew and seeing how the show is and watching shows – like a football player I’m watching tape, stuff like that, and doing a walk through today of things. So yes, there’s differences, but it’s just because it’s a different show and there’s different songs.”

Rose will once again be rocking out from a seated position as he remains hindered by a broken foot. After having borrowed Dave Grohl's guitar throne for Guns N' Roses shows this year, the throne has been remodeled to better suit the AC/DC stage set. “It’s getting better little by little – it’s about halfway there," said Rose about the injury. "I’m only now starting to put weight on the front and I haven’t been walking up until the last few days."

With Axl now firmly in place to front the band on the two runs, the group was asked if there was ever any consideration about abandoning the dates after initially learning Johnson would be unable to continue. “We wanted to finish what we’d started," bassist Cliff Williams told NME, with Angus Young quickly following up, “And that was our main goal, especially Cliff and myself, being there the longest. We wanted to complete what we had started. And I mean, you can’t call a tour ‘Rock or Bust’ and then go bust!”

Fans have had the opportunity to get a feel for what AC/DC sound like with Axl behind the mic. Young joined Guns N' Roses onstage at their first Coachella performance as they performed "Riff Raff" and "Whole Lotta Rosie." Audio also surfaced of Rose apparently rehearsing a host of songs with the band, including "Back in Black" and "Thunderstruck."

BBC 6 Music Interview With Angus Young, Cliff Williams and Axl Rose

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